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 Back from FC, the con report here and photos here.


It has been raining like I have not seen it in years; this is very good but putting a hold on finishing a few outside projects. The pool is brim full of free water and I have not had to water anything in almost five months.


I updated the trips list below.

Planned trips


5/31 - 6/5:

7/12 - 7/22: 

11/3 - 11/7:

11/24 - 12/9:

3/6 - 3/17:

August 2018:



Reno, NV

Seattle, WA

San Jose, CA

Albuquerque, NM

Stockholm, Sweden

Berlin, Germany




Alaskan Cruse 


Albuquerque & others, road trip.





Growl and I are officially on the hunt for new suits. If your interested in working with us, shoot me a message here.

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