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Well here it is, the end of 2016. The time keeps flying by faster each year. For those of you who care yes, the site stalled for over a year while I resolved a few life issues with my father passing away in April and a month and half later Mother having a stroke. Needless to say it has been a busy time. In September of last year we had a British Isles trip planned; nearly two years in the making it was a almost cancelled by the afore mentioned incidents. Fortunately things stabilized enough for me to go.


What is that you say, you noticed the site is changing again, well yes, yes it is. No longer relying on minions I am doing it myself with the help of an occasional expert in such matters. My first priority is to get the basics up and running. Next will be to make the website visitors more secure by converting to https. Third will be to bring my gallery back on line.


Stay tuned…





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