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Greetings my friends:

Well here we are, all the way to October. Last year at this time we had grand plans of our friend Pazuzu joining us at our annual Halloween party then PawCon; that turned out quite grand. This year we will of course give out candy with our masks on should any seekers of such arrive, but we expect it to be rather subdued.

We are still doing quite well here, holed up, working from home; focusing on completing the items that will set us up for retirement in a few years. Still caring for Mum, she has made it through all this quite well and lived longer than she was given a year ago.

What’s new? The community area of the website has seen a few changes, and the gallery is growing every day. The website is slowly transitioning  to more of a community focus; we opened a twitter account specific to the community and are using that to solicit suggestions and comments as well as to communicate the latest. Given radjin.net has been up as long as the internet itself, it does not usually change fast; more reliable and safe.

What will 2021 bring, only the universe knows.  I hope this letter finds each and every one of you in a good place or on your way there. Let no one control your destiny…

Be well and be happy my friends. LLAP


Zap, Radjin & Taebyn. Photo by Growl
Zap, Radjin & Taebyn. Photo by Growl

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