Art Reference

  • Colors:
    • Red (hex: 800000): scales and whiskers
    • White (hex: FFFFFF): claws, fur and mane
    • Green (hex: 008000): eyes
  • Height: 3 meters (10’) to the ear tips
  • Weight: 326Kg (720 lbs)
  • Legs: Plantigrade
  • Eyes: Green with slitted deep red pupils.
  • Tail: 3 meters (10’) prehensile, furred on top 3/4 and scaled on bottom 1/4.
  • Whiskers: 1 meter (3.28’) long, prehensile, the same fine red fur covered scales.
  • Fur: Mane is soft and long, flows from forehead to tail tip; blows in the slightest breeze. Short fur is rabbit soft, silky smooth and found everywhere there are no scales. 
  • Scales: Slight granite texture covered with a very fine red fur. A mask around eyes and down the top of nose, inside ears, under the chin and down the front third of the neck, covering the chest, narrowing between the legs and widening on the backside, flowing into the bottom quarter of the tail. Also from forearms to hands and calves to feet.
  • Hands: Long thick fingers, pure-white retractable claws starting the thickness of his fingertips to a very sharp point.
  • Feet: Longer than one would expect ending with thick long toes and retractable pure-white claws. Padded soles allows for silent walking.
  • Walking: Often leans forward a bit due to the heavy tail, mostly on the front of the feet as if a simi-digitigrade gate. Almost never makes a sound.
  • Standing: Usually straight or slightly bent forward.
  • Body: Well muscled feels like fur is stretched over stone, no external genitalia, no clothing. Tends to have a friendly look as if always slightly smiling but with very intimidating eyes.

Updated: 190927

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