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Kimberfox (03/09/1950 - 02/01/2007) was a furry and fursuiter located in Sanford, Florida, U.S.A. He died in early 2007 after a long battle with cancer.
Tribute video by SteelClawFox

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A personal note from Radjin:

An extremely nice and friendly person I met him at Megaplex 2005 and again through other cons. His closest friend was Blazer Raccoon. Kimberfox was a greymuzzel who was 56 and lived in Florida, and had at least one son who didn’t approve of Kimber’s furry pastime. In 2006, just before FC 2007, we learned that Kimberfox was dying. Wanting to help him fulfill a dream I arranged a flight with his best friend Blazer being kind enough to handle the logistics there in Florida of shipping of his suit and luggage and getting Kember to the airport. At the airport Kember tripped on the curb and fell, breaking a hip. This put him in the hospital with little hope of recovery. Hoping to at least get him to smile I anxiously awaited the suit box but even though tracking showed it had arrived, the hotel and con staff could not find it. I all but threatened everyone to find; and at the same time I put together the largest hard-backed sketch board that would fit in the suit box and begged all the artists to do a drawing or sketch; all of us signed it. It took three days but the art was done and the box found. I placed the art in the box, sealed it and red-labeled it back to Blazer. Unfortunately it arrived too late; Kimberfox passed away just before it arrived.

Here I place a memorial to my friend Kimberfox

Forever in our thoughts

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