Privacy Policy

1. Privacy is a basic human right.

2. does not track, record your IP or log any identifiable information on this site that is accessed through a link on this site.

3. Information that is tracked:

    a. View counts to gain some insight as to the popularity of a particular page or image.

    b. Attempts to access non-public parts of the website.

    c. Attempts to manipulate the site through denial of service attacks, uploads or other means.

4. If you find an image or other information that is in violation of  laws in your local please avoid accessing that part of the site and send me, the webmaster, an email.

5. If you find an image related to you or your character that you do not wish posted, again, please contact me, the webmaster.

6. If you would like a full-sized copy of an image/s of your character you find on this site, please contact me, the webmaster, with the image name, date and time. I will attempt to locate the image in my personal files and send it to you.

Last but not least; the purpose of this site is my extension to the web and to offer a way for those suites and sights to be displayed that may not be so by other means. I receive no income from this site and there are no ads, or ad related cookies intentionally sent or received from this site.


Most important! 

    Please visit the link to information about the California Privacy Act. This fantastic improvement to our privacy here in California has passed into law. It was won against the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon who spent millions fighting this right to not be a product. Thank you Apple for supporting this.

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