About the Character

Following in the tradition in which Radjin was created, a glimpse of his very long story follows.

Described as older then dirt and just a bit younger than the stars; no one can say for sure how old he is as he seems to have always been. Radjin is often heard to say, “only the universe has all the answers.” If one should ask the universe it might tell you he was born with it, the first creature to move among the stars as a manifestation of the universe in its attempts to understand itself. Other creatures came along after with ultimately the same goal but each one with a different perspective to cover the vast details the universe has to offer. Radjin landed here on our tiny planet in our tiny solar system orbiting a tiny yellow star long before the planet had stabilized. He witnessed the creation and destruction of life a dozen times until the universe got it just right and life flourished; allowing one species to dominate for millions of years only to be wiped out and replaced by another. He walked the drifting super continent and watched it tear apart. The place he had choose to settle broke off again and again until it was a island isolated next to a much larger land mass. As life continued to change creatures that stood on their hind legs, and were not reptiles, began to appear. These were migratory like past animals but quickly learned skills that the past had not; to change their environment, to build tools to extend their strength and knowledge. Soon the little island he occupied was colonized by these mostly furless beings and they did not take kindly to his form. He hid himself among them realizing that the universe had plans for these people and his was to watch and learn. These people were dynamic but aggressive, not for survival but for petty things and they warred amongst themselves. Their technology grew such that soon their wars were global and threatening. Leaders would come and go and Radjin noticed how some had an effect of bringing peace and others war. But the universe must be right, these people who make such great strides, going to the moon only one hundred years after discovering radio, placing satellites around their tiny globe but always with a hint of threat, must have a goal in the universal scheme. Radjin stayed and watched. The island he called home was present day England. Hidden within the cliffs of Dover were many caves and Radjin watched from his secret location. Eventually the people encroached so he took means the universe had given only him to stay hidden until one day it was time to introduce himself to this relatively new species. But that is another story…

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