Radjin was Born

Going way back…

   Radjin came to be, in human terms, back in 1974. It’s 4th grade early in the school year, September maybe. At the beginning of class a new boy from India was introduced. His parents came to America to study one of the many religions. We sat at table like desks with two students each and he was placed next to me. We became instant friends and best friends by the end of the day; we were inseparable. He lived behind a small park only a few blocks away so each day found us at each others house, sleeping over, etc. After the second week or so he started asking me what my animal was. I didn’t know how to answer but he kept asking. Finally he asked, “Don’t you see him in your dreams?” That hit a cord as I did often have a strange dream of which I told no one.  I was this red and white beast resembling a dragon but walking like a man and I could even remember seeing down a long snout to a black nose. I looked down at clawed feet attached to thick scaled legs below and white fur higher. Sometimes I would be walking, or laying and one time I was climbing some mountain, but always the same view as if I were the character.  When I looked at my reflection in the water I would see a shimmering image that was never clear.  My friend, Iroshini, kept asking for details of how he looked; long thick tail, scaled red on the lower half and white fur on top, feet and calves scaled and white fur up the thighs, red scales on neck and chest and down between the legs. The scales seemed to have a fine red hair. A few weeks later Iroshini arrived at my house very early one Saturday. From his backpack he pulled a book and from that a color pencil drawing of the character in my dreams. It was like he had seen my dream himself; the image was the exact likeness. For the first time I could clearly see his face; I was sure that was it. At the corner he had placed the name Radjin in very neat calligraphy. I asked him about it and he said this is your name and it is one of the oldest names in the world.  It was like electricity in my hands, and became the most important thing I had. My Mother had it framed and it hung on my wall for many years. As for my friend, two weeks later his family moved, no warning, no goodbye, just gone. I have no idea why he left and did not say goodbye. To this day Radjin is who I am on-line, or in a game. It seemed my beast and I were brought together by my missing friend.     Thank you Iroshini.


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