1. Privacy is a basic human right.

2. does not track or log any identifiable information on this site that is accessed through a link on this site.

3. Information that is tracked:

  • View counts to gain some insight as to the popularity of a particular page or image.
  • Attempts to access non-public parts of the website.
  • Attempts to manipulate the site through denial of service attacks, uploads or other means.

4. If you find an image or other information that is in violation of laws in your local please avoid accessing that part of the site and contact me at the link above.

5. If you find an image related to you or your character that you do not wish posted, please contact me with the image/album name.

6. If you would like a full-sized copy of an image/s of your character you find on this site, please contact me with the image/gallery name.

7. The community gallery and hosted websites are maintained by the owners. offers the space purely as a donation to the fandom and does not extract information to sell or trade. Inquiries on the operation of each site or gallery album should be sent to the owner of that location found on the front page of each. Please send inquiries about starting your own to me at the link above.

8. Content uploaded to the community gallery is available to the general public. This server does not manipulate, scan for content, sell or trade this content to anyone. It is a free library anyone may access.

Last but not least; the purpose of this site is my extension to the web. I receive no income from this site.

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