Website History was founded back in the 90’s as a basic repository for information.Today the server is also a web server for several friends. It started out on an unused Dell laptop which as we all know are notorious for being unreliable, then moved to an old computer running Windows NT, also unreliable, then switched to a Dell commercial grade sever running Linux where it sat for years.The server had numerous issues with power supplies. Still later it ran on a Mac Mini and had been stable and almost untouched for 5 years. After running on a second Mac-Mini for 7 years the little computer was starting to lag a bit with some 300k website hits a month. This little computer also ran the cameras, security system, home automation system, cache server, iTunes server and backup server. I built a Debian Linux box and moved the website to that to take the load off the Mac and add an additional layer of security with not having a public IP attached to my home security system.


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